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Christy is wonderful! I was struggling with fatigue symptoms, vertigo, digestion issues, etc. and not getting answers from my regular doctor. I realized that I needed to find a more holistic approach that would help me with my whole system. I googled acupuncture in my neighborhood and took a chance on Christy at Lifeseed. I’m so glad I found her. She has been such a great support over the past several months as she has helped me rebuild by energy and balance my system. I feel much better than I did when I started. Her space is inviting, she is warm and caring and very professional. She makes the process feel very safe and relaxing. I highly recommend you try her for whatever issues you are dealing with!
— Ashley B.
I have been seeing Christy for a chronic condition for acupuncture. She is an excellent listener and took a very thorough history of a long, complex condition. She communicates the treatment process, her thoughts on overall health, and at-home techniques very clearly. I always know what she is doing and why. I appreciate her kindness and compassion in the way she practices. The acupuncture treatment is very relaxing and gentle. I know that working with her is leading to healing, rather than just treating symptoms, as western medicine has offered for my condition. I would highly recommend her!
— Blair V.
Christy is amazing. Besides being a fantastic acupuncturist she is just as wonderful a person. I decided to post because as a peer, I get to see things most clients (although I’ve had some of her work) don’t get to see and that is her dedication to her craft. She comes in early to do her own work first with qi gong in order to be filled and energized for work. She’s intentional and when you come she has prepared herself, her tools, her room for you. I have worked with several other acupuncturists as peers but I have never seen someone hold as much reverence for their craft. This is not someone that is just doing this for the money. She is a TRUE healer!!
— Camille U.
“Christy is an experienced acupuncturist whose needling you can barely feel. She is extremely gentle when needling but extremely strong when giving a massage. Christy has such a great energy about her and has a great healing presence. Her treatments have really helped me. She is very thorough and communicates all the details. She is also very open to questions and is patient with her patients. I would highly recommend her. She really cares about her patients.”
— Nancy E.
Great attention to detail during intake; very warm and calming throughout appointments; effective care for specific complaints, as well as general mood and spirit. Christy does a wonderful job of applying her academic knowledge and intuitive healing to each treatment. I am so grateful for her work, and highly recommend her.
— E.K.
I never liked Acupuncture until today. I started treatment with Christy. She specializes in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. I’ve been feeling real awful like bloating, backpain, abdominal pain and irregular periods and she has helped me a lot already in one session. I can already feel like I have a lot of energy coming back to me. We only have one body we need to nourish and love ourselves. I look forward to seeing Christy and regulating my body.
— Jenny H.
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“I was very fortunate to find Christy. She is professional and caring. Her treatments don’t hurt and the results are amazing. I am pain free.”
— Laurie K.
Christy is a skilled acupuncturist as well as a knowledgeable herbalist. I had received her treatment several times and it worked well and I got excellent results. Her needling technique was gentle with soothing touch. Her intake was very detail-oriented and I felt her enthusiasm for helping patients. I strongly recommend her if you are looking for an acupuncturist.
— Mayumi H.
“I love getting treatments from Christy. She is kind and gentle and I always feel nourished and balanced after a session with her. Christy makes you feel cared for and has helped me with everything from the common cold to muscular pain.”
— Lucia M.
Christy is a true healer. As a patient you will feel listened to, respected and honored. I worked with Christy during my pregnancy and I felt that her treatments played a large role in maintaining a healthy and complications- free pregnancy. Her acupuncture and herbal formulas addressed my morning sickness/ nausea, low back pain and stress/ anxiety. I always felt safe in Christys hands- she explains her treatment plans very clearly and never makes you feel silly or unintelligent for questions you may have about Chinese medicine! I would recommend Christy to anyone seeking Chinese medicine whether for the first time or as a returning patient.
— Cicely A.
Christy helped me heal during one of the most difficult times of my life. I was 6 months pregnant when I was transferred to a high-risk clinic due to pregnancy complications. I started seeing Christy as soon as I received the diagnosis (though I wish I had started pre-pregnancy). The doctors were grim. Many didn’t even think my baby would survive. At 30 weeks and 4 days, I delivered a 1 pound 15 ounce baby. Today my baby is a strong, healthy, tenacious 17-month-old, and I believe that it was Christy’s healing work that allowed her to be as strong as she is. Christy continued to work with me postpartum to help me regain my energy and increase my milk supply to sufficiently feed my baby, which I was successfully able to do. Christy is calming, kind and genuine. She really listens to your needs and responds with compassion. I love being in her presence. I definitely recommend her.
— Briana W.